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Get the casual look with our new cosy “Athlesure Pants” for every occasion.

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Golf clothing for chic women – SPOON Golf Luxury Sportswear

SPOON | Golf Fashion | Luxury sportswear |

SPOON | Golf clothing for chic women – Luxury Sportswear

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Design – The Beginning

The theme of each collection, lives in every single piece from the very first sketch to final garment. There is a common signature style and detail running through the entire collection of the season.
For example, this is how the Bauhaus Theme of clear lines and simple styles in reduced colour shades was created.
* Shades of Colors
Colors, like music, impart emotions and feelings, which can either, be timeless or dated and forgotten. At SPOONGOLF, we are experts in bringing to life “Unforgettable Classics.”

Made in Italy

The dynamic partnership between Italian weaving factories and the SPOON creative team is the foundation on which our collections are created. Nowhere else in the world does such a rich marriage of ancient artisan techniques with new age vision exist so beautifully.
The #SPOON Team selects its exclusive fabrics from Italian weavers, placing a high-quality requirement for each style.

                                                                SPOON GOLF

What Inspires Us

Life is our inspiration. At SPOON we draw our creativity from living, feeling and being in the moment. From the beauty of a fog covered valley to the whispered conversations of lovers on a walk – We dive in and embrace the emotion that moves us…

The Connection

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” Charles Eames.
This principle defines SPOON. Our designer’s vision and emotion combine colors and textiles into a collection of exclusive classics, that stand above the rest.

                                        SPOON GOLF – The luxury golf brand
SPOON GOLF – The luxury golf brand #SPOON #GOLF #fashion #luxury #golfbrand

SPOON | Creativity & Inspiration

#SPOON | #Creativity & #Inspiration – First inspiration at the fabric #exhibition in #Munich with all our Italian producers. Here we search and developing the latest #fabrics for #spoon #collection  #SS2017.

Be ready, a lot of new tonal colour shades and amazing structures. Melting sport ‘n #fashion has never been so charming! SPOON